Jodevi is creating a culture where philanthropies, nonprofits, and other social change organizations can effectively use evaluative thinking and data to improve their social impact. Using strategies that are curated to your organization’s unique approach, people, and mission, we emphasize the concepts that bring the most out of your vision, goals and dreams for a better tomorrow. 


Jodevi specializes in social impact consulting, where our goal is to help you enhance your efforts in the social change that matters to you. Our practices are based on the theory of change and how it has an impact on the way change is understood and implemented. Change will happen naturally, with or without social intervention. If you’ve made the decision to be on the side of change for the better, Jodevi wants to help you. We want to help you create a place that everyone is treated equally and justly. This requires change that will take effort with different strategies. This is where we come in. We strive to build sustainable social change; with your ideas and our strategies, together we can make your visions of a better world a reality. 


How does one create strategic plans for social change? By planning, learning and  thinking with collective impact in mind. Creating customized foundation strategy specific to each client’s needs. By collaborating as one to compose and establish data driven results. Supplying knowledge management in the fields that directly affects the communities you want to see change in. Implementing measurement evaluation and learning the best policies for investing impact. Focusing on the increasing impact you have by helping you navigate through budget, tools, and personalized strategies to stabilize systematic influence that evolves into social change. We want to help prevent the missteps that hinder you from reaching the social impact that you are capable of.

Our Experts of Social Change

We are a niche consulting firm with global influence specializing in guiding the visions of social change. Our team of collaborators isn’t just made up of talented, passionate innovators. We have the advantage of personal life experience. Our team is made up of front liners, civil activists, first generation Americans, and individuals that want to make a difference because they needed one to be made for them. We believe in effective change for the people, by the people who were and are directly affected. 

We are about you, so you can be about everyone else. 

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