JODEVI is a niche-consulting firm working globally to increase the value of social impact organizations. Our objective is to provide clients with responsive and agile partnership, valuable and creative insights, and implementable and cost effective tools that advance missions and build social progress.


JODEVI specializes in the following client relationships:

  1. Philanthropic organizations considering improvements in their strategy, in portfolio design and alignment, in grantee relationships and in measurement and learning.
  2. Medium-sized nonprofit organizations ($3 - $50 million) in the process of scaling, at key strategy junctures, or interested in measurement and learning.
  3. Businesses engaged in social impact (e.g., corporate social responsibility, corporate foundations, social enterprises and social ventures) that are in the exploring, launch or another key growth phase.


The JODEVI logo combines many elements and themes. The image is nested in the lotus flower—a symbol of beauty, peace and rebirth. The lotus is  a reminder that it is possible to rise out of difficulty and challenge to bloom into your potential and radiance. The colors of petals reflect the importance of our natural environment with hues of  the sun and the earth. The white, internal image, often unrecognized until identified, is a sailboat moving through water. Sailing uses natural elements to move forward, personal resources of mind and vision to chart a course, and the right rigging and tools to make sure you get there.  

Firm Values


JODEVI is named after founder Lovely Dhillon's parents who taught her about the importance of equality, excellence and service. All represent the core values of JODEVI Consulting.