Businesses are increasingly thinking about their impact on the environment, on social conditions, and on their employees. Many are considering the role they can play in creating a sustainable and equitable world. They recognize not only their responsibility in being part of the solution but also the public’s growing interest in businesses with these sensitivities.

Whether corporate foundations, corporate social responsibility or social enterprises and ventures, there are many opportunities for the business community to contribute to positive system change. 

JODEVI provides expertise to businesses that are considering ways in which they can more meaningfully have social impact and advises companies throughout the various phases of social impact.

Starting a business? 

JODEVI will help you determine the opportunities for building social impact into your business planning. JODEVI will provide expertise about the ways in which you can build social impact planning into your business model.  Some of the forms JODEVI will provide expertise on are:

  • Social Enterprise
  • Social Venture
  • Benefit Corporation (B-Corp) or Social Purpose Corporation Designations
  • Creating For-Profit Business with internal social impact considerations (e.g., employee benefits)
  • Creating For-Profit Business with social impact considerations externally (e.g., environmental impact, supply chain)

Have a business and want to ADD social impact?

JODEVI will provide your business with expertise about the many ways you can create rigorous and meaningful social impact.  JODEVI will tailor plans specific to your business vision and goals, including:

  • Creating a business foundation
  • Developing a corporate social responsibility team
  • Designing social impact programs to retain, recruit and attract employees
  • Considering sustainability and your impact on the environment
  • Assessing opportunities to impact your local community
  • Building partnerships with social impact entities (nonprofits, foundations, government)

Already Have a business with social impact?

Jodevi will help your business in:

  • Determining the most impactful elements and determining strategy for scaling the best SROI (social return on investment)
  • Creating partnerships with social impact entities (nonprofits, foundations, government) 
  • Assessing social impact innovations that can be integrated into your social impact plan
  • Determining opportunities and strategies to Influence your sector in social impact
  • Building partnerships with other businesses toward greater joint social impact