Philanthropy has always been an integral part of social change and innovation.  The twenty-first century has seen unprecedented interest in and growth of philanthropy.  Philanthropic leaders continue to assess the ways in which they can be even more effective in their grant making toward greater social impact.  Either through traditional forms of grant-making or new approaches such as Program Related Investments, Impact Investing and Private/Public Partnerships, it is clear that philanthropic organizations and individuals will continue to be a vital part of social progress. 

JODEVI will provide your philanthropy - whether a small family foundation or the largest foundation in the world - with insight and expertise to ensure that you are utilizing your resources toward their greatest impact. 


JODEVI can help you with start-up decisions such as:

  • What to fund (substantive areas)
  • Landscape Analysis including strategic opportunities
    • Research about areas and communities you want to serve
    • Outreach to and discussions with the communities you want to serve
    • Outreach to and discussions with other funders in the area
  • Geographic funding assessment (geographic range)
  • Consideration of potential funding partners (e.g., other foundations, government, businesses and social enterprises)
  • Discussion of funding styles
  • Technical requirements of having a foundation
  • Portfolio development
  • Grant processes and protocol
  • Staffing assessment


JODEVI will provide expertise in:

  • Foundation organizational tools including
    • Theory of Change
    • Measurement and Learning Plans
    • Strategic Plans
    • Portfolio Alignment
    • Docket Reviews
  • Design of tools for real time assessment of impact on portfolio outcomes
  • Evaluation of Potential Grantees
    • Assessment of sector-specific grantees
    • Assessment of grantee sustainability
  • Grantee Processes and Protocol
    • Program Officer / Grantee protocol
    • Grant proposals design
    • Grant report design
  • Grantee Relationship Management
    • Development of effective Funder-Grantee relationships
    • Creation of mechanisms for sharing learning and best practices
    • Providing technical assistance 
    • Developing communities of practice and collective impact
    • Listening to your Grantees
    • Learning from your Grantees
    • Ways to partner with Grantees in ways other than funding
  • Grantee Feedback
  • Innovative Investment Tools
    • Impact Investing
    • Program Related Investing