JODEVI's Expertise

JODEVI takes a client-focused approach and brings skills, experience, and expertise in many areas and fields.

Substantive Areas of Expertise:

  • Policy and Advocacy
  • Education
  • Workforce
  • Women's Rights
  • Equity and Diversity
  • Media and Communications
  • Law and Social Justice
  • Immigration
  • Health Care

Core Competencies:

  • Social Impact
  • Systems Change
  • Strategy
  • Organizational Development Tools
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Theory of Change
  • Measurement and Learning Plans
  • Collaboration and Networks
  • Executive Leadership

Organizational Phases

JODEVI recognizes that there are several critical strategic stages of development for an organization. Our "Who Are You" page details the work provided to specific types of clients while the list below provides general types of work which JODEVI provides during an organization's start up, strategy and execution phases.

Phase I - Start Up

  • Landscape Analysis
  • Mission/Vision Creation
  • Structure and Incorporation
  • Board Creation/Management
  •  Human Resource Planning

Phase II – Strategy

  • Program Design
  • Grant and Portfolio Planning
  • Theory of Change Development and Outcomes-Based Planning
  • Collective Impact/Communities of Practice/Learning Communities
  • Strategic Planning
  • Measurement, Learning and Evaluation Design
  • Partnership Development
  • Fund Development Strategy

Phase III – Execution

  • Board and Staff Development
  • Executive and Community Coaching
  • Interim Executive Positions
  • Portfolio Planning and Alignment
  • Business Processes and Tool Development
  • Grantee Relationship Management  

CLIENT examples

While every engagement is different, for us, each one is special.  JODEVI works with visionary, smart and engaged leaders who want to ensure that their organizations bring positive social impact to the world in the most effective ways possible. Each engagement provides a unique opportunity to partner together to create change and increase efficiency.  

Examples of past client engagements:

  • Working with a national, US immigration advocacy organization to develop their Theory of Change and Measurement and Learning Plan.  Key in the work was aligning these organizational development processes and tools with their Strategic Plan and employee work plans to ensure they all worked together seamlessly and effectively.  JODEVI also provided strategic thought partnership, grant-writing and grant-reporting services as the organization grew.
  • Providing services to a global human rights organization working in war torn countries in Africa to help victims of sexual based gender crimes and to ensure the prosecution of their perpetrators. Lovely served as interim head of the office while the Executive Director took a much-needed sabbatical.  Lovely also developed the organization's Theory of Change and Measurement, Learning and Evaluation Plan.
  • Developing an analysis for a national foundation about potential grantees in a particular substantive area, including determining the key players and opportunities for replication in that area.  Worked with foundation general counsel and program staff to develop  a two-year pilot program to train future leaders and build a national network in that area.
  • Creating the Theory of Change for the communications and media teams of a global foundation.
  • Developing assessments for a national  foundation's project to increase its understanding and outreach into intersection of health and equity.  
  • Providing leadership coaching to an executive at a state-wide nonprofit, resulting in a desired promotion, a more effective division, and a more satisfied social change professional.

  • Creating a Theory of Change for a global Social Enterprise capturing and linking both their financial return on investment and social return on investment.



Ryan Eller, Executive Director, Define American

Lovely Dhillon is a trusted voice with expertise, experience, and a passion for organizational development. Most consultants/firms are content to merely complete assigned projects and then move on — not so with Lovely. She has become a beloved and faithful member of our organization’s family and has gone above and beyond the call of duty — nurturing and caring for our team and strategically positioning us to dramatically increase our impact in the world. Because of Lovely’s work we are more situated than ever to achieve sustainable results and to improve the lives of millions. From developing a theory of change, to fundraising, measurement, to team-building and leadership development, Lovely exhibits immense proficiency in virtually every area. She is fiercely committed to creating a more just, equitable world and brilliantly connects strategies for organizational excellence to achieve those ends.                   


Jodi Nelson, Senior Vice President, Policy and Practice, International Rescue Committee 

Lovely has a unique ability to work with her clients at both strategic and operational levels without losing sight of the mission of a social change organization.  She can lead complex strategic planning and then switch easily to support leaders' translation of strategy into practice in a way that works for every level of that organization. She picks up substantive areas very quickly and can partner with clients to find solutions to multi-faceted issues. She is that perfect combination of an independent consultant -- not afraid to push thinking or push back when necessary, but incredibly insightful about the risks and implications of organizational change. Lovely can support an organization's ambitions to walk the line between visionary and practical, building internal capacity to deliver effective social change. 


Manami Kano, Deputy Director, Strategic Media Partnerships, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Lovely led efforts to create our team’s Theory of Change and Measurement Learning and Evaluation plan.  Throughout the process, I found Lovely to provide strategic and insightful skill and leadership.  She has the ability to both listen to and read a team, unbraid the differences and then reconnect the team toward a more strategic and focused approach to the work.  She had an understanding of a large breadth of issues while also being able to get up to speed on newer areas such as fast-changing media metrics.  

Lovely was not afraid to call out issues and to push back when necessary but did so as trusted counsel and with a focus on mission and resource maximization. Grounding her work in an understanding of and experience with real-world issues, and to a depth many consultants do not offer, Lovely has exceptional insight into how the work will play out practically. She has worked closely with underserved and diverse populations and communities and brought that lens to her consultancy work. She also brings an adept understanding that organizations, even complex and large ones like ours, don’t work in a vacuum and provides expertise in building partnerships and is able to link the work to systemic change. 


Alex McKay, previously Chief Counsel, Casey Family Programs and Deputy Director, Shultz Family Foundation

Lovely is an engaging and insightful person that you can entrust with projects ranging from direct community work to C-Suite consultation.   I appreciated her combination of strategy and evaluation expertise, ability to communicate complex ideas effectively, and sensible approach.


Joe Scantlebury, Vice President for Program Strategy,  W. K. Kellogg Foundation

Lovely is a critical thinker who develops sound strategies to tackle big social issues.  Her philanthropic expertise strengthens the alignment between average portfolios and intended outcomes.  By providing keen insight into grantee development and management, she helps clients optimize impact through sharpened focus and increased efficiency.  Organizations grappling with critical challenges find her measured intensity and intellect invaluable. 

Equally comfortable with trustees, executive officers, staff and beneficiaries, Lovely’s style invites engagement and thoughtful experimentation.  She easily identifies and analyzes the complexities that challenge and confound leaders, and deftly fortifies their resolve to pursue values based leadership.

Her contracted support results in leaders, teams, and implemented plans that elevate mission impact.


Sunita de Tourreil, Founder and Owner, The Chocolate Garage

Lovely helped our global social enterprise,The Chocolate Garage, based in Palo Alto, California, assess our social impact. She led the work creating a Theory of Change for The Chocolate Garage and helping us articulate the outcomes we are working toward in our work. 

Lovely was especially astute in simultaneously understanding the "nuts and bolts" business side, and how that needed to be framed in order to have the largest social impact. Lovely deeply understood and could easily move between the financial ROI [Return on Investment] and the social ROI. Even in Silicon Valley, the ability to understand how crucial each of these aspects is, and how to make the financial and social not only work together, but create a dynamic that results in synergy. 

As a founder who is building a social enterprise in an intuitive manner, it was amazing to have JODEVI sort out what was second nature and formalize the larger vision, and encourage new areas to explore, and skills to hone, in order to better meet both my financial and social returns. Lovely led the larger group in a way that spoke truth clearly. Her ability to really hear and understand what my vision was, and push the team forwards with a gentle yet firm truth, without causing conflict, is a skill few have. 

After the Theory of Change exercise, I felt that I understood how all the seemingly disparate components of my business, were all intricately linked, and how they were all part of the complex interaction that is the healthy ecosystem that fosters the growth of a social enterprise. Social enterprises are more complex and require more expansive thinking in order to combine an authentic mission and innovative business strategy in a successful way. Lovely skillfully brought these divergent drivers together for The Chocolate Garage.


Jme McLean, formerly Associate Director, Policy Link

Lovely came recommended to me by a trusted colleague, when a project I was leading had reached a critical strategic point.  Though the project involved multiple partners and addressed complex social issues, Lovely was able to very quickly and gracefully distill the multiple needs of our diverse team.  The strategic wisdom, policy expertise, and measurement skills she and her team brought to the table were essential for helping us to better capture and communicate the robust impacts of our project.  I particularly appreciated Lovely's strong social justice orientation, which was important for our racial equity organization, and significantly accelerated our work together.